How many of you Make a living with sony ?? and tell us a bit about it

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Re: How many of you Make a living with sony ?? and tell us a bit about it

Full time photographer, my wife and I shoot weddings and portraits together, I do alot of commercial work on my own. I have my own studio and also rent it out to other photographers. (my commercial interior work) (Our studio)

We shoot with Sony A700's, an A200 and recently we retired the A100. I use mostly studio lights, but have a couple of 58's, a 5600 hsd and a sigma hotshoe flash for event work. We only own a few lenses now, with majority of work being done with Tamron 17-50 2.8 or 70-200 2.8. I have a sigma 10-20, Minolta 50 1.7, and a beercan (also a couple of kit lenses for paper weights). Majority of my gear is studio stuff... Camera gear/accy's are really overrated once you have a great body and a couple of excellent lenses. My money is better spent on lighting and stuff for the studio. I havent seen inside a camera store in months, but live in home depot!! (building sets and remodeling for studio!)

I am shopping A850/A900 and some Zeiss lenses for my product work and to offer for rental with the studio.

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