s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

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Re: s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

dave_bass5 wrote:

scholar wrote:

Thanks for a prompt response, PaulRivers!

So, I am wondering whether that "Lens error" message, which my one-week old S95 has, indicates some genuine fault with a camera, or it may appear just due to several unsuccessful attempts to focus under some "severe" conditions (like, trying to focus at "long end" on some not very contrast surface in low light)... Interesting, does any of you / S95 users have such a message despite the camera being working fine?..

No, its a fault i would send it back ASAP. If your theory was true you would see a lot of people complaining about this.

Yeah - it sounds like you saw this on the screen of your s95, but you only saw this in a special file on your older camera right?

The only time I've heard of people seeing the Lens Error message on their s95 was either when their camera broke, or there's some sort of weird error message if your finger is over the flash when the camera starts up and the flash is on, but your finger prevents it from coming up...actually i just tried it on my s95 and it says "wrong flash position", so it's probably not that.

I've only seen a Lens Error message myself once, and that was when my camera was broken (fortunately for me I was within a month of buying it so I was able to just exchange it for another new one).

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