NEX-5 Video - crazy shutter speeds.

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Re: NEX-5 Video - crazy shutter speeds.

Oelph wrote:

It is simple enough, but I'd imagine Sony are reluctant to encroach upon the VG-10 market. I personally don't think it would. The VG-10 offers enough additional extras and form factor to firmly mark its place as the inter-changeable lens video camera for more serious work.

Seems like the VG-10 suffers from the same intrinsic problems as the NEX 5 - it's still a 14MP stills sensor that presumably still uses pixel-binning, so it's never exactly going to become a professional choice for video.

Like you say, I think the VG-10 seems to be defined enough that it can share features with the NEX 5 without either device cannibalising the other's market.

The addition of manual shutter/iso control for video wouldn't really turn the NEX 5 into a professional video device, it would simply make the video mode useful, rather than just novel.

The NEX mission statement is all about going a step further than point-and-shoot, and flirting with more considered photography... but as it stands, more considered cinematography isn't an option yet, it's still rooted firmly in point-and-shoot home-movie territory.

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