NEX-5 Video - crazy shutter speeds.

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Re: to make things clear

The Fader is exactly the way of controlling shutter speed.

1) Set the EC to -0.3 or 0.7 to prevent blowing highlights in high contrast situations.

2) Set DOF by setting the aperture (A MODE), staying within the no diffraction limits for your lens. You are in Aperture Priority mode.

3) The camera sets the shutter speed. You can see it's value. (And, no you cannot trick the camera to have a preset aperture in Video mode.)

4) Dial the fader until the speed is 1/40th to 1/80th -- it need NOT be precise.

5) Start recording. It really couldn't be any simpler!

6) ISO in video is auto limited to 1600 or +21dB. There's VERY little noise at +21dB. Which is why one need NOT know what ISO is being used.

In any case, gain will not be added unless YOU force it by choosing a small Aperture (for deep DOF) and a fast Shutter speed in dim light. In other words, when you make settings that make no sense. That's why filmmakers add illumination OR use high-speed film and accept the noise. There's NO magic.

PS: for those wanting to set shutter speed > > it will make NO difference. Sure you can set 1/50th or 1/60th exactly, but now you'll need to use a Fader to set the amount of DOF you need. That's photography in bright light.

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