How many lenses do you use on a semi-regular basis?

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How many lenses do you use on a semi-regular basis?

I only started using an interchangeable lens camera in the past 6 months. I quickly found that there were many inexpensive, but quality lenses for my a55. I started with the kit 18-55 and added 28 and 50 primes. Then an 18-250 for some more reach. And finally an UWA 11-16 for fun. You'd think that would be enough. But the lens bug bit me and I was enticed by low prices on eBay. Enter the old Minolta gang:

70-210 beercan

Taking shots with these old Minoltas had been fun, but while comparing to the 18-250, I find that it takes as good, if not better pictures than some of that old glass. So now I'm thiking about selling back some of the Minoltas with overlapping focal lengths and focusing on upgrading. To make this goal easier, I grouped the lenses by generic scenarios. I can see 5 basic groups. Did I miss any? Do all your lenses fit into these groups?

1 Ultra Wide Angle
2 Walk Around
3 Telephoto
4 Macro
5 Portrait

My goal now is to identify the "ultimate" lens for each group, and try to ratchet up my collection over time.

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