D90 Autofocus problem

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D90 Autofocus problem

I am reposting this for my daughter Maddie after she posted on Whirlpool, an Australian technology forums site. I figure this is a better place to seek help.

I was at a baby shower happily snapping away in AUTO mode today when suddenly the viewfinder went dark and the shutter wouldn't snap anymore. Bugger. Anyway, after lots of playing around and reading the manual it seems like I have an AF problem. When I try to half-press the shutter, the AF just shuffles around a bit and nothing happens. It won't focus lock and won't open the shutter.

There is a white dot that blinks repeatedly in the viewfinder which I think I read means there is too little or too much contrast and the AF can't work properly – but I know that's not the problem. I have tried going outside into the sunlight, inside into darkness and trying to focus on close and far away objects but nothing. I can take pictures in manual focus mode or continuous AF mode but no other mode. So AF-A and AF-S don't allow me to take pictures but AF-C does.

Have I buggered up the settings or something? I am still learning about how to properly use my camera and I am about to go on an OS holiday so I am a little anxious!!!

She has done a reset, changed lenses, checked the lens is secure, recharged the battery, and played with various settings so far...

I suggested cleaning the contacts where the lens mounts, which she hasn't done yet.

Somebody on the Whirlpool forums suggested it might be a bent or broken aperture lever.
Geoff Wales

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