Arctic Travel Photography... [Images in replies]

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Arctic Travel Photography... [Images in replies]

It has been a very long time since I have posted images anywhere.

Too much work, climbing injuries, excessive travels and recently surgery, has reduced my time spend online to an absolute minimum.

Some may recall that I spend 3½ week worth of time in travelling up the east coast of Greenland this autumn.

An adventure that took us to places we will never forget, allowed us to meet the king of the arctics up close and witness nature in a size unimaginable to us.

The homepage is now updated and the galleries are ready.

But before we get to that, lets look a little at the technical stuff, as the experiences on this side of things might be useful to other too.

What I brought:
K-7 (primary), K-m (back up) and WS-80 (self portrait and waterproof thingy)
DA10-17FE (you never know and wonderful for close ups)
DA*16-50 (Foul weather lens and back up for primes should they die on me)
DA21ltd (never leave home without it)
FA43ltd (finest rendering lens there is)
DA70ltd (Compact, fast focussing and excellent optically)
FA77ltd (such a fine telephoto and currently preferred over the DA70ltd)
DA*300 (wildlife and when reach will be needed lens)

4 batteries for the k-7 and 2 chargers, 3 speedlights, elinchrom skports, compact tripod, a host of AA lithiums, lots of filters (cokin P type and normal threaded ones), remote and full cleaning kit

All rolled up in a Lowepro Pro trekker 400 with room to spare (shirt, food for the day, 2 x 0,5l termos, extra ammo, and a pair of spare gloves

How it went:

Now we kick the gear through water, dust, cold, heat and stormy weather, so it was pushed all the way out and then some, but like I have come to expect it stood its ground perfectly well.

As for the bag, it is IMHO the king of photo expedition bags, if you need to haul a heavy kit in rough terrain, this bag is it. It holds a huge amount of gear and loads of personal items, but it gets heavy.

Weather dictated a lot on this trip we had a lot of rain and a lot of dusty days, thus the DA*16-50 was a life saver on many occations, it is not a limited, but it definitely does very well for a zoom.

The DA21, FA43 and FA77 lived up to their usual and delivered on it too, thank you Pentax:)

The DA70, I did 3 images in total with it, but they are some fine images, so well worth it.

The DA10-17FE, well I think I did something like 10-15 images, but I had a ball with it.

The DA*300 was amazing for wildlife, I really needed a +600mm lens at times, but I would not have been able to carry it on this trip.

Overall every thing performed as expected and nothing broke. We were without electricity for days on occasions, but 4 batteries will last you a very long time, especially with the excellent cold weather performance introduced with the K-7.

I will post a few select Images per location as replies to this post, but in less than a week my new blog with the full story behind the images should be ready too so you will have to wait for that to get all the travel experiences, but I wanted to share the images as soon as they were ready online:)

The full gallery is here:
and well worth a look I would think:)

Questions and comments are as always welcome and I hope you like the images:)

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