Anyone switch to a sling strap system for their camera?

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Re: Anyone switch to a sling strap system for their camera?

Anyone has experience with Cotton Carrrier Lite, seems like it solves that swinging upfront problem?

Also combination of RS-7 and their BRAD attachment somewhat addresses that problem too.

darryl cox wrote:

I have had mine for over a year and would not have any other strap. It is confortable and secure. As a matter of habit I most always keep my hand on my cameras when on the paranoia Ha Ha!

Swinging the camera up to shoot is not a problem at all. Swing when one leans forward is solved with a simple clip strap to a belt loop lor just being careful.

When I got mine the attachment that fits the camera was sort of a "cheapie" design but very secure. However the company brought a much smaller button that is a fine machined piece that is better and smaller....less of a problem in a camera baq.
Darryl Cox

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