It's been 4 weeks

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It's been 4 weeks

In November, after my dog had been eating less and less all the time, we took him into the vet to see what was going on. The blood work came back ok, so the vet said to try some different food. We did, he refused that too. Went back to the vet 2 more times, the 2nd of which was just before Christmas, when they did an ultrasound on his stomach. They found a cancerous growth that spanned about 1/3 across his stomach.

The vet said there was nothing that could be done about it, as it was in a bad spot, etc.

He had been losing weight like crazy. He would also lie outside in the snow to make his stomach feel better, although I'm sure he was freezing out there (Edmonton winters get cold). Trying to balance the feeling of wanting to keep him around as long as possible, with the feeling of not wanting him to suffer, we waited a bit before we did what had to be done, the inevitable.
It was on Jan.3/11 when we took him to the vet one last time.
It crushed me to see my buddy have to be put down.

He was the type of dog that loves everybody. Followed me everywhere (I have actually tripped over him not realizing he was right behind me, being the faithful companion he was).

Although he was 13 years old, he acted half his age. I thought we would have him around for many more years.

You people on this forum are so nice and caring, I wanted to introduce you to my dog, Caesar.

I miss you, my friend.

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