Choosing between the XZ-1 and the E-PL2

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Re: Choosing between the XZ-1 and the E-PL2

rezaf_2000 wrote:

Just think of all the great lenses possible, and it becomes a no brainer: 9-18 (or 7-14), 14-150, 45-200, 100-300, 20mm, ...

Just keep in mind mFT lens prices and go in with your eyes open:

  • 8mm $685 (Pan)

  • 12.5mm $250 (Pan)

  • 14mm $400 (Pan)

  • 17mm $260

  • 20mm $315 (Pan)

  • 45m $695 (Pan)

  • 7-14mm $775 (Pan)

  • 9-18mm $575 (vs $485 FT)

  • 14-150m $495 (Pan 14-140 $755)

  • 40-150mm $270

  • 45-200mm $255 (Pan)

  • 75-300mm $900 (vs $350 FT)

  • 100-300mm $555 (Pan)

None of the above are weathersealed (nor are any of the mFT bodies to date) like their FT HG equivalents. For a sense of the mFT premium one needs look no further than the excellent HG 14-54 II at $490, a lens Oly/Pan need to match in mFT for it to be considered a complete system, IMHOP.

Hopefully the E-PL2 will come out with a two lens kit (14-42 and 40-150). I'd then only pick up an mFT 20mm and continue using my FT 9-18 and 70-300 to keep prices in check. But I'll continue to wait for a full featured mFT body by Oly for now, my FT E-510 and E-620 both serving me admirably.

Now the XZ-1, once the price falls to LX-5 or even s95 levels, that will be enticing as a decent take anywhere. It's lens has a usable range close to the FT 14-54 II and similar low-light capabilities, although of course not similar IQ.
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