NEX-5 Video - crazy shutter speeds.

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Re: NEX-5 Video - crazy shutter speeds.

In the past few days I've been experimenting with Fader ND to control shutter speeds with decent results.

I set ISO at 200 as NEX records video at a constant ISO of 200. I choose A mode, chose my desired aperture and dial the Fader ND until shutter speed reaches 1/50.

When I checked the resulting AVCHD files, I noticed that shutter speeds moved between 1/50-1/60.

This is not ideal, but Fader ND is a savior and the resulting video looks much better when the shutter speeds are controlled.

Higgins2002 wrote:

GodSpeaks wrote:

Prior to shooting video, put your camera into Shutter priority mode. Set the shutter speed to 1/60 second and shoot. The shutter speed should stay locked.

Aperture, on the other hand... and you may need an ND filter for very bright days.

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  • Rayna Butler

Yes 2x fps is the way to go...

  • 25p--> 1/50

  • 30p--> 1/60

But that's not possible to choose by yourself

NEX crippled videomode gives you:

Aperturemode to play with

you can always use F16-32 to get slower shutterspeed (and record all the dust on sensor too )

  • All the other modes doesn't affect the video at all

Too bad is:

You never get Sony do do manual video for the NEX3/5 because they aimed these models toward up-graders from P&S

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