GF2 - Does anyone care?

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Re: Absolutely. The GF-2 should have been the GF-10

Qwntm wrote:

Dan Clark wrote:

"By all account it is indeed an improvement over GF-1"? Where did you get this impression? A rather large number of people do NOT have that opinion. By MOST accounts, the precise opposite is true.

At best , the GF2 is a sideways movement - another type of camera for a different market segment. While the GF1 is a nice camera aimed at more serious photographers who want a small, rangefinder style camera, the GF2's primary audience is folks who want to upgrade form P&S cameras.

While the GF2 may be a decent camera, naming it "GF2" is a monumental marketing blunder. Building brand and product recognition is a major undertaking. Panasonic accomplished that with the GF1. The GF brand and product image are well established. With their GF2 product, they just corrupted the GF brand.

What's worse is that the GF2 is sending a bad message to customers. Does this mean that Panasonic is abandoning the market for higher level cameras like the GF1 and GH2? Is the GH2 a dead end? Should I sell off my GH2 and lenses before the general public realizes that Panasonic is pulling the plug on higher level products? Panasonic is sending me a very bad message whether they realize if or not.

Spot on Dan. It makes it really hard to invest $4000 in Lumix lenses in the hopes that an UPGRADED pro version of the GF-1 is coming. I'm sticking with my Canon G-12 for small camera duty for now.

If They had upgraded the GF-1 I'd be running that with the 8mm, 7-14, 14-45, 100-300.

You bet ! exactly correct on all points. -If you are into dark humor then consider when: The chickens will finally come home to roost as the successor to the GH2 is announced by the same marketing meat-balls .

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