60D - no AF adjustment - but no complaints - WHY?

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Re: 60D - no AF adjustment - but no complaints - WHY?

Nobody's gonna flame you for your suspicions, carlk! WE all have our theories on why the 60D seems to work perfectly right out-of-the-box, even with little "RTFM."

The fact is that most all 60D users are happy with the camera from Day 1, and do not see the need for MA with whatever lens they currently have. This is supposed to be good news, right?

As for the 7D, people are still buying it for their own reasons, and that's also well and good - it's just that some don't know, or are not ready, to take the fairly steep learning curve of it's "advanced" AF system, and some 7D's do need to be "re-adjusted" by Canon. In the end, everyone learns to live with his/her decision, and that's their choice, too.

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