SX30 - Birds in Trees part 2: Sometimes there's a twig...

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SX30 - Birds in Trees part 2: Sometimes there's a twig...

Hi all,

We're back with another batch of SX30 birds shot in various trees around the yard.

Photographing birds in trees nearly always presents a variety of extra challenges. There's focusing of course, with the camera often struggling to lock onto your intended target instead of any number of other elements in the frame. There's lighting, with frequent shadows and hotspots which can make exposures tricky at times. There's distance, as at least in our case most of the potential tree perches are further up and away than the staged ones we have placed around our feeders and near the deck. And in very many cases there are obstacles to that "in the clear" shot which lets us capture the whole bird...
But we just say, "sometimes there's a twig"... and take the shot anyway.

Bully Robin:

A (female) House Finch:

Dark-eyed Junco:

Northern Cardinal (male) :

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (female) :

Red-bellied Woodpeckers (mating pair) :

Eastern Bluebird (male) :


All these challenges to shooting birds in trees make it harder for us (and our cameras) to get the kind of well-lit highly detailed photos we want. And we miss a lot of great shots for all these reasons that's for sure. But we manage to keep some too, and we hope you enjoy them.


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