NEX vs Olympus XZ-1, just for fun

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Re: Slap a $50 f/1.4 lens on the NEX and you have 4 stops more

I think you missed the point of my post Nevertheless I am not trying to be a troll or bash the NEX or something like that. I have bought and used the NEX with 18-55mm and 16mm lens for a few months before eventually selling it. And thats not because I don't like the camera - I will likely buy it again in a few months. (And my comment is not even specific to NEX, I feel the same way about using the DSLRs exclusively with a kit lens)

Most people are attracted to the high-iso performance of NEX without realizing that the low-light performance of NEX is severely limited by its slow kit lens and the high-iso performance can't offset that by much. And I think its important that people realize this because many people buy a camera like NEX (or even DSLRs with kit lenses) thinking that they will get a big IQ boost without realizing that the combination is not significantly better than a good quality compact like LX5, TL500 or XZ-1 etc. You need good lenses to make good use of the larger sensor.

As for putting a 50mm 1.4 on the NEX, yes I agree if you are fine with manual focusing. However I am talking about the large majority of NEX users who use native lenses and have to choose one of the 3 available lenses. Remember I explicitly commented about the NEX+18-55 versus XZ-1.

Nevertheless, I have no intention of going into an endless debate. I thought it was important to point out an often over-looked point and I have done that.

camera2 wrote:

A couple of things. First, the fact that you have a MILC APS-C camera that can actually edge it's way into the compact category is a good thing.

The fact that Olympus is competing in the compact category is also good. The trends towards good cameras in smaller form factors is good again.

The NEX is a particular type of camera and it's system excels at particular types of things. Like I said before, slap a $50 f/1.4 lens on the NEX and you have a 4 stop advantage over the Olympus or any compact.

And nevermind the DSLR framerate, buffer and shutter lag, compact wide angle options, DoF control, high res tilt screen and manual focus capabilities. If you don't want those things, maybe the NEX isn't the right camera for you. It sounds like you want a compact camera. Good then, go and get one.

Do you even have a NEX? Because I don't really understand why you'd want to spend so much time posting all this in the NEX forum.

I guess that's Dpreview for you.

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