Ultra-wide legacy lens performance (colour shifts) on microFT?

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Re: Telecentricity-same sensor

John Bean (UK) wrote:


  • Image quality - the NEX has far better corners than the G1 using the K28/3.5 even ...

  • Usability - in manual mode the NEX is a delight to use...

  • Dynamic range - not only wider but the roll-off is smoother...

  • Size - the NEX is surprisingly pocketable even with a biggish lens attached (big pocket of course!)...

Bottom line is I'm keeping both the G1[1] and NEX-5; they're quite different cameras but with complementary strengths.

Note [1]: Actually two of them. My (black) G1 is still away at Panasonic for a warranty repair (external flash not firing) and I was missing it. I came across a blue G1 body on ebay with a sensible "buy it now" price so I did just that. I like it

Hi John,

and thank you for getting back on the topic.

I was/am curious about your findings on the last Sony sensor and I think you confirm the impression of it I got by reading a bit there and here.

I like the G1. I would have liked it even more with a look more resembling about the E-330 or the Panasonic L1, but it is not the size that is the problem for me. The sensor and the ergonomics are.

The improvements from the G1 (and the rest of the bunch) to the GH2 is not very impressive when compared to what happened in the PAS-C world during the same time.

Still, I need an EVF so right now I am thinking of an A55 successor right now while waiting for a FF Live camera. I'm not going to switch at this moment but I am watching what happens out there and stay with my G1. Maybe I should do as you and get myself another cheap body while waiting for the next generation of Live cameras.

I read your points and for me the image quality and dynamic range are the important ones. Smoother roll-offs, yes please! Low base ISO noise for better PP capabilities, yes please!

OK, enough. Thanks again,


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