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As a DSLR user (Nikon D40 and others) decided to go for a 2nd but pocketable camera.
Researched and viewed some at local stores and decided to go for Nikon S6000.
Mainly atracted by HD movies feature, 7x zoom and 14.1 MP among other features.
After a few tests returned it.
Never expected to be so disapointed with this brand.
Performance was much much worst than Coolpix S640, just imagine!!!!Predecessor.
Saleswoman at store agreed at once. Amazing!!!!
After that decided to go for a new one but randomly!!!

Saleswoman adviced for a Panasonic Lumix point and shoot with same features as on Coolpix S6000 but 8X zoom and 12.1 MP.
Resume: everything is just awesome for a point and shoot, no more to write.

In the future I'll go for Panasonic as first option. Many friends of mine are Panasonic users. All performance is just awesome!!!!

If anyone wants PSAM modes go for a DSLR, avoid NIKON, once that NIKON's engineers seem to be stuck on who knows what!!!D3100??D3000??D5000??D700??

Today I'll go for Canon and Panasonic latest DSLRs!It's changing for better day!!

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