Nikon D3100 + Manual Nikkor lens, anyone tried that?

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Re: Nikon D3100 + Manual Nikkor lens, anyone tried that?

bj_tigger wrote:

1.Will the Nikkor Ai-s lens shortcut the electronic connectors behind the bayonet of the camera? (I hope not.)

Absolutely not. You're completely safe.

2.If the shutter speed (on camera “M”set) is set and the aperture on lens is decided, by pressing AE-L button and then the shutter-release, can I obtain a correct exposed image? (I know my Samsung SX-1 DSLR could do that when I was using an extention-tube.)

Sorry, no. The light metering system is entirely disabled. You'll have put the camera in M mode, set the aperture on the lens, then guess at a proper shutter speed & ISO.

Upgrade to a D7000, and you gain that Aperture-Priority mode that you're describing.

3.Will there still be a beep and/or a red sign to indicate that the subject is in focus?

Those would be nice (and very doable by the designers), but no, all you get is the green dot down in the corner of the viewfinder lighting up to tell you you're in focus. Better than nothing.

The D3100 also has a cool "Rangefinder" function, which is designed to show you on the scale in the viewfinder how close to "in-focus" you are. But moronically, they disable this function in M mode, because that scale must be used to show you the proper light meter reading. But as mentioned above, with old lenses, you can only use M mode, and again, the meter is also disabled. So that Rangefinder scale sits there entirely unused... I thought this was a "bug" on the D60 (which introduced the Rangefinder), but it has persisted ever since.

4.Can I still use its Live View function by manually focusing and zooming?

Absolutely. And you'll see the depth-of-field immediately as you turn the aperture ring on the lens.

5.Can I shoot movie with the manual lens?

Yes, and they'll look gorgeous. While old lens designs might not be as razor sharp as today's equivalents, they're plenty sharp for 1080p video.

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