K-5 iso 6400 performance, could it be?

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Suse B wrote:

I'm not sure I understand the HDR function. When this is set, does the camera take 3 quick photos? What about camera movement? Or does the camer take one shot and calculates the + and - over and underexposure.

The in-camera HDR takes 3 shots on one shutter press. The first Pentax version needed a tripod to avoid camera movement between the shots but the K-5 (and K-r?) version can compensate. It only works in JPG.

With 14 EV already in the new sensor the need for HDR is much reduced. The bracket steps are + and - 3EV, which nominally extend the base-ISO DR to a huge 20EV.

What about the expanded dynamic range - is it the same 200% as the K20?

Same highlights as K20. It also has shadow expansion Low, Medium and High that aren't quantified: I don't remember that in the K20.

The examples look yummy, I think this is the camera I have been waiting for,

They are. It is. Stop waiting ...

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