Phase detect autofocus: fast and frustrating

Started Jan 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
Dennis DH Senior Member • Posts: 1,241
Re: Phase detect autofocus: fast and frustrating

It seems pretty easy to rile up a few people on any of the forums.

To answer your question I went from film to a D3 I have never sent a camera or lens in to be calibrated. I have spent considerable time trying with the fine tune adjustment with my prime lens, and to be honest I have ended up back at no adjustment seems to be the best with my three prime lens. Maybe I am lucky and have good lens from the start or just not seeing much if any improvement with adjustments. And I used a tripod with shutter release and mirror up varing the distances and apertures. I might have made a little adjustment with my 84 f1.4D at f1.4 at very close distances but it was best at further distances with no adjustment so I left it at 0.

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