New K-5 replacement (Stain and Focus)

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New K-5 replacement (Stain and Focus)

Alright for those in Canada with the sensor stain issue, It appears Pentax Canada is ready to replace/repair your cameras, they replaced mine but they told me that for most they will just swap in a new sensor unit which will require a little bit of turn around time.

For those who haven't bought the new cameras should be making their ways to stores soon, my new serial number starts 3970*** These should be stain free

The annoying part to getting any new camera is setting it all up to your preferred settings, and then testing it...

Good news in the testing!

My Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 which had a front focus issue in low light on the old K-5 but no focus issue in good light now all of a sudden works in indoor low light EV4.3-5.3 artificial lighting My 77Ltd which worked fine still works fine.

this would suggest that the low light focus issue which seems intermittent and somewhat isolated is fixable, I'd suggest setting up a controlled test (with a Pentax lens as they will ignore tests from other brands) showing that the focus shift happens in low light and not in bright light, send them the results and details and then asking them to service it (if they feel its serviceable). I asked them about it and they seemed to suggest there was no known issue, however they did suggest that the K-5 tolerances for focus accuracy are weaker then that of previous cameras. don't take any of what i'm repeating about what i heard as gospel truth, it may just be one persons opinion.

Bad new when testing...

There is a spot on the sensor, I'm guessing teeny tiny dust. they did hand me the camera without a body cap wrapped in a plastic bag, the spot is faint even at F32, i'd have to strain my eyes to see it at F11. Maybe i'll give the sensor a blow or 2 and see if that removes it.

otherwise everything works perfectly, if you have a low light focus issue, send them some test results!!! it sounds like there is sample variation.
Mike from Canada

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