Does anyone but me think...

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Re: Does anyone but me think...

Yes, that's the point. Supply and demand are at work. As usual.

We'll have a much better idea about all this when the full production capacity can be devoted to new sales rather than replacement bodies and/or sensors. That will be a ramp, not a cliff, as more early adopters check for problems.

We can only hope that there are no more reasons for Pentax or its suppliers to replace AF sensors, shutter assemblies, or the panscopic transmogrification unit.

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

The fact that prices are holding up suggests that (among other things) demand is staying ahead of production capacity. Let's hope that is genuinely because of demand and not just the drain of replacements for pearly sensors.

Like most people here I would be happier if Pentax could still offer the old low-price/high-quality deals; but it was that that took the company near the brink. If we want Pentax to survive to keep on feeding our wants, I think we must accept the new world order.


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