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Re: Diopter / Close up NL lenses

Steve Balcombe wrote:

I notice, by the way, that you've suddenly switched to talking about using the 500D with zoom lenses. The arguments for and against are completely different.

My posts mentioned both zooms and primes!

The 500D is one of the best alternatives to a macro lens as it not only costs $800 less than the canon 100mm macro, provides excellent IQ, and it works with a variety of lenses! Never mind the excellent bokeh it produces when coupled with a fast prime or zoom!

Don't be ridiculous, a Canon 100 mm macro doesn't even cost $800.

Well it actually costs $969 US at B&H -I was referring to the vII. Even compared to the original version the savings are stil $400! That ain't chump change for many of us!

But Sam, don't let a few inconvenient facts get in the way of your prejudice. You carry on just as you are.

I stand by my original comment -the 500D is a great alternative to a macro lens and a great addition to one as well! Like all photography equipment it may take some time to learn how to properly use it. It's capable of producing professional quality images not only in a studio but also in the field with challenging subjects.

Enough wasted bandwidth on this!

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