GH1 vs GH2 for stills

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Michael Everett Senior Member • Posts: 1,942
GH1 vs GH2 for stills

I was ready to upgrade my G1 to a GH2 -- I shoot stills almost exclusively -- but a combination of recent reports on the low ISO noise of the GH2 and the phenomenal deal available on a GH1 has got me wondering. I see the parameters as such:


New sensor -- better resolution (Imaging Resource show this)
Faster AF -- (not terribly important to me)
Better EVF -- important as I use a lot of legacy lenses
Easy to use image zoom in EVF
The noise problem

For GH1:

Better sensor -- multi-formats
Better DR -- important as I shoot a lot of BW
Resolution not as good as GH2
Same image zoom and EVF as G1

The two questions I have, especially for those with both cameras, is how much better resolution do you actually get with the GH2, and how much better is the EVF for focusing?

My other option is the keep the G1 and wait to see what the G3 looks like. Of course I will probably miss the super sale on the GH1.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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