Pentax history of problems

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Re: Pentax history of problems

there is a question everybody ignores here...

What gives with Pentax?

I rather like to hear about this question other than QC problems. This makes sense...

Because QC problems are obvious.. (maybe with other brands also) but defending QC problems or talking (downgrading) about other brands QC issues is not a reason of buying a Pentax... and does not work at all... it just shows how much pentax fan you are or how much you invested to pentax that's all...!

this guy wants to know why he shall choose Pentax especially K-5 with all these problems...

actually I bought it because below positives (moved from Nikon):

  • better sensor score

  • better low light performance, especially color retention at low isos (better than D7000 not like D700 but in its class this is best so called)

  • higher number of colors

  • better auto white balce (as an old Nikon user by observation which is important actually)

  • more useful placement of buttons on the body (compare to D7000)

  • easier to handle (compare to Nikon)

  • more options for shooting modes

  • more special effects and filters in menus, enjoyable (HDR is very effective (as aI see more natural than active Dlighthing than Nikon's)

  • really weather proof

after 2 weeks

  • my main problem is KIT lens, 18-55, is very soft at side angles and also at higher f vlaues, a very wrong selection for such great potential camera

here only with kit lens available (not only body)... and nobody doesn't wanna talk about even kit lens in this forum, all reviews are with different lenses, since all fans has several nice pentax lenses, but unfortunately Pentax makes life difficult for new Pentax beginers for such lens... Nikon 18-105 is much much much more sharper compare to this lens... also their 18-55 lenses... i waste of money, try to buy only as a body

  • yes low light front focusses like hell, AF fine tuning doens help even, but LV mode and manual focus is ok... imagine this is with Kit lens, for me another sign of serious QC problem, i would expect this problem with the Pentax fans in this forum but not with me, i was naif enought to buy with kit lens, at least this was supposed to be calibrated or with compatible with the device, but now, whereas other lens carriers here has less or no FF issues.. very wierd actually...

  • my sensor has also stains, i need to get it fixed but under warranty... unlucky beginner

  • the right hand holding part of body is not ergonomic as nikon or canons in its class.. yes it is tank maybe but not comfortable and small... i still cant believe why Pentax has such small body for its flagship, D300s and 7D is much better, since this camera has not less fature then them, why body is small and less ergonomis, i can't understand, maybe our fans can enlight me about it (but don't blame me first 80% please while saying something... we are on same ship, listen first)... i am sure some fans is ready here that ooo you say up it is easy to handle and now you say less ergonomic, YES i say it, because soem people is expert here to create some conflict without nothing which makes Pentax perfect machine all of a sudden and you are just here to blame Pentax.. .:)) this is so obvious in the forum, you got everything soo much self offensive.. :))

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