Quoting a destination wedding

Started Jan 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
Andrew Veteran Member • Posts: 4,486
Re: Quoting a destination wedding

Thats for sure

it is work, the extra days involved means not doing other work and it certainly is not a day off.

Some clients will see it differently though, I had a classic a few years ago, travel expenses was she would get me the ticket and book the bulk dormitory accommodation for me in with all her bogan guests (no thanks), and just being there would cost me nothing (!!!??) and I could have a little holiday...oh yeah while I am there and getting free airfare and accommodation I can make myself useful by covering all the day before/after activities as well for no extra cost. Stuff that, I would rather have the day off with my family in Brisvenice than working in paradise for free.

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