Optical finders on the GXR?

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polarabbit wrote:

i don't see what is the big deal with an off centre hotshoe for using ovf. for me, accurate framing just has to be "enough".

obviously we are not talking about the same thing...

in the digital age, i would suspect most people would go through a pp workflow so any non optimal composition due to inaccurate framing can be easily compensated for there.

well if the inaccuracy of the finder made you think something was in the field , when it was not , there is NO amount of PP that can fix this

when i shoot rf i often use 1.25 or even 1.5 magnifiers to improve speed and accuracy of focusing, at the expense of not being able to see the entire frame. i guess being able to see the whole frame is more important for landscape photographers but then i've never understood the value of rf to landscape photographers anyway

Honestly , none of what you wrote is relevant to my point. Outside the fact that normally , a landscape photographer would have more time to compose , using an OVF has NOTHING to do with a RF

. for me, rf is best used for street snaps where 100% accurate framing is not critical as long as the subject matters are captured in the frame.

again irrelevant to the point I was making


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