shooting phtos in Widescreen 16:9 mode, anyone use it regularly?

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Re: shooting phtos in Widescreen 16:9 mode, anyone use it regularly?

Photostyle wrote:

I have the A580 and I only use that setting for more than one reason, I like to look at my pictures on a LCD TV to show them to family, and even many PC screen's are that format now, in 16:9 format they are at 14MP insteed of 16MP, so that's only a smal loss, there's no problem when printing the picture in that format, even if you bring them to a proffessional print office.
I think it's the future format, altrough many DSLR are only a 3:2 format ?

Changing a photo from 3:2 to 16:9 is just a simple matter of cropping off the top and/or bottom, result is in every way the same as what you'd get with a 16:9 sensor. The other way around it isn't quite so simple - think of image circle at the sensor, and what happens if the sensor was 16:9 and then you'd crop off the sides to get 3:2, you would effectively end up with a smaller sensor area than if the photo was taken with a 3:2 sensor.

Perhaps, ideally, the sensor could be 1:1 and then each could choose whatever ratio they wish to use?

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