Sony Nex-5 / NX 100 ISO 1600 Comparison

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Re: Very poor comparison

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

aeolos wrote:

but i see it this way.. what kind of photos do you shoot at iso 6400 that you want to print and frame? seriously.. what do you shoot at iso 6400? (i use up to iso 1600-2000 if i want to shoot sports in dim light.. but if the lightning is even worse the subjects is probably pretty lame anyways.

Easy natural light esp weddings etc where you can be in fairly dim shooting conditions though ISO 6400 is likely not very common you'd def be hitting ISO 1600/3200 even with a fast lens at times.

Depends on the shooting that you do some never even hit above ISO 400 in which case you'd be a lot less bothered about the low lights sensor performance.

i think it is a big myth that you need more than iso 3200 to shoot weddings..

take a look at he had the exif infos in his files for a long time (not anymore).

i downloaded all the pictures with a firefox plugin to learn more about wedding photography and take a closer look at how he shoots..

anyways.. with programs like photo stat you can get all the exif info statistics (iso, focal lenght, f stop and so on)

here is the iso chart

from 1128 photos there are only 10% iso1600 and 1% iso3200
(and by the way 66% shot with 35mm on fullframe and 33% with 85mm)

you might say "well. he doesnt show all the really dark reception photos on his blog"

but.. obviously people dont care that much about those. because they hire him for the photos they see on his blog.. you know what i mean?

and if you should wedding in that price segment you probably dont have to worry do much about crappy lightning because the locations are normally top notch..
but not everybody has that advantage.

but anyways.. your still right. i would not shoot a wedding on nx100

and if a camera has clean iso 6400 than i am happy too because iso 1600 has even more detail ; )

but still people need to be more realistic about their expectations and thankful for the technology we now have.

20 years ago people would have killed us for our cameras : )

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