Sony A55 is preferred than Canon 5D Mark II...

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Re: Sony A77...

"Things we know about tha A77:

  • 24 megapixel sensor

  • FullHD

  • New advanced OLED(?) EVF

  • UNCONFIRMED -> There were rumors (and also a Sony patent) about some kind of hybrid viewfinder ( a là Fuji X100 (Click here to see that camera on Amazon)?).

  • ISO will go ‘up into the hundreds of thousands’

  • price will be in the same area of the Canon 60D ($900-1200. Click here to check price)

  • The A77 has a bigger and robust body compared to current SLT cameras.

  • The A77 will not have a flip-up mode to allow shooting without this extra sheet of glass in place.

  • It will take CF+SD+MS cards, of which you can use two at the same time.

  • With the new battery you can take around 1.000 pictures.

P.S.: Paul Genge of Sony UK said that “this camera will include such"


nbercasio wrote:

according to National Geographic photographer Ben Horton

"There’s this idea floating around that the big debate is whether you should shoot with Canon or Nikon. The two big names are duking it out on “This vs. That” forums and racing each other to see who can pack more megapixels into a sensor. All the while, quietly and steadily, Sony is gathering a stable of loyalists.Sony shooters remind me of Volvo drivers. Very loyal to their brand, they will buy Volvo for the rest of their lives. Bigger names come and go, but these drivers know the truth, they may not be driving the sexiest car, but they are driving the most solid and safest one. I drive a Volvo, so I figured it was time to try a Sony.

It all started a few months back when I wrote a comparison article on Carl Zeiss Lenses and Canon lenses. The Zeiss lenses blew Canon away. Within days I’d received numerous e-mails from readers suggesting I take a look at the Sony-Zeiss combination. Zeiss makes manual Canon and Nikon compatible lenses, but Sony and Zeiss have been working together to make a professional grade camera-lens combination with autofocus and a few other tweaks that take full advantage of the partnership."

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