RAW Files Not All Equal... Yes, a new GH2 Thread

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RAW Files Not All Equal... Yes, a new GH2 Thread

I decided to start a new thread because I think this information is important. With both threads I've started talking about the GH2, noise and colors, no one ever mentioned this, so I'm wondering if many of you even realize this. A lot of people say "RAW is RAW" - but on the GH2, apparently that's not the case.

After shooting with my husbands GH1 yesterday and seeing the drastic difference in color, I decided to try the different film modes on the GH2. I pretty much thought that everyone assumed these only impact the JPEG files, but that just isn't so. Not at all!

Before doing this test, I did a global camera reset. I wanted to wipe out any custom settings I might have dialed in that would adversely effected the results.

What you will see below is the same scene shot in all the different modes of the GH2. They were shot in RAW only. They were opened in ACR and none of the settings were touched before bringing them into photoshop to save as JPEG.

Yes, I realize they are all slightly under-exposed because of the snow... but they are all equally underexposed. Even so, you can see the sometimes subtle, sometimes drastic differences in each setting.

Settings: 20mm f/1.7 Pancake lens, f/5.6, ISO 200.

First, a contact sheet to see them all side-by-side...

Now 100% crops of the center...

And now (in the first reply) each image resized for web...


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