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Re: K-5 Problems Problems PICTURE SAMPES

muratime wrote:

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

muratime wrote:

below are from pentax K-5 and D90 ; however i returned that K-5 after i had also dead pixel, the main reason was below results since i thought there shall be something wrong

now i can carry out same tests since my friend is away, so there are new copy of K-5 results...

I am looking at your photos taken with the k5 at iso 800 and the d90 at the same settings and I have a few question because I think I am having the same problems you are having in the high iso of the K5

I see between thek5 book shelf and the D90 book shelf how much better the D90 is. I have some questions are the 2 photos taken from the same setup under the same lighting and both taken from the same distance?? And are the images both 100% crops?? If so I have had the same problems

Hi ian,
actually images are not valid for testing which I understood later on.

D90 has back focused, so some softness, moreover D90 was NR on high, whereas I didn't rememvber for K-5, K-5 exptra sharpening was on, which shall not be...
however light and all exif data was same...
last night my fiend was back and i carried out same test
this time at OFF-NR and no sharpening Pentax K-5 was superior, but not much!

however D90 has biririilent sharp 18-105 kit lens, for me it was a bit disappointment to see at 35 mm Nikon is much clear and sharp although noise was there... I prefer D90 imare overall, if you want i can share you those last images tonight...
hope this clarifies...

also one more thing, color managment at all isos with K-5 was much better than D90 in Auto WB... that's something great with this camera...

I am sorry if I have goateed some people in this thread but the photos given by the OP have troubled me for some time until I figured it out. I have a feeling that the OP is not being totally truth full in his posts If the photo are taken from the same setup, same focal length, at the same distance to the bookcase & 100% crops I only have one question why is the k5 photos the same size as the D90 being that the k5 is a 16MP photo it should appear to be magnified more than the D90. With discrepancies like this I find reluctance in believing your posts Just for the record to date I have had no issues with my k5 or any other pentax product to date, I maybe lucky but I feel that a great many of the posts are made for alternate motives.

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