Bad sensor on TL350?

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Re: Bad sensor on TL350?

(on jst13 lens-shame remark)

Thank you for relating the magenta problem with light bulbs, i needed that clue. The conclusion is wrong: the lenses of compacts are ok. It's caused by infrared light. Obviously the blocking dye in the RGB filters on the sensor are too weak. I guess, the green is very transmissive in sRGB and gets a low factor to compute white, leaving magenta.
So these cameras can be used for IR photography; only manual focus.

-Solve the problem with eco-friendly lighting: fluorescent and also halogen work.

-if the zoom stays under 60mm (Fmin=5.0) the purple is spread out on the whole image and vanishes through white balance
-there are expensive filters that block IR besides the usual UV.

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