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Re: Display only 285 dpi...

R Butler wrote:

shaocaholica wrote:

Displays should be measured by their whole pixel resolution and then in conjunction the technology used to compose that RGB pixel, not just 'dots'.

So what numbers would you come up with for this dot arrangement?

Richard -

640x480 pixels 614k dots OLED Pentile

Eg. Nikon D700

640x480 pixels 920k dots LCD

Eg. Canon 550D

720x480 pixels 1040k dots LCD

As long as the pixel resolution is given, there will be less confusion about how the 'dots' are arranged. If you leave out the pixel resolution, there will always be people who will somehow read the numbers wrong but its a sure thing that 99.99% of the readers at DPR understand the concept of pixels even though the means to get them can differ.

Having a single number metric for LCDs only works if they all use the same technology and even then its not that clear because the biggest market of LCD displays does not go by dots. It would be like using 'megapixels' to describe sensors without stating the output resolution or technology (bayer, foveon, superCCD, etc).

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