just realized my K-5 has stain... image sample

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just realized my K-5 has stain... image sample

after 10 days later, with an advice of my friend i check and i saw below picture in my K-5

now i am planing to return...

it was my first Pentax after Nikon, maybe i am really unlucky, people said it was there... but i thought limited with some copies, however it is clear that most of the copies in our region... :(( as i heard...

now dont get below wrong,

my simple impressions after few weeks with pentax (this was second copy, first had some dead pixel, and i din't check maybe stain issue as well)

pentax disappointed me, and no clear announcment from the company even as far as i know, since everybody is discussing such vital issue in internet, some poeple is sitting and reading there maybe,,, hope you enjoyed...
i am talking to pentax now, whoever responsible...
you know what,

my friends, laughing at me and saying in future if we ever give a try any brand other than nikon or canon, for sure it wont be Pentax!!!
congrats guys, you made a great reputation on your quality image now, enjoy it..
seriously enjoy

now i am ready for the attacks in the forum... all pentax lovers defenders can defend... really i would enjoy listening. i am sure i will be the one who has problem, not pentax, sure sure... why i am not going an trying a new copy, why i am not argueing with sales peaople, why i am spending extra time for such VERY BASIC QC problems... i am mistaken yes i am

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