Recommendation for Good P&S Companion to Canon XXD Camera

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Re: Recommendation for Good P&S Companion to Canon XXD Camera

Hundminen wrote:

CJ123 wrote:

The S95 is more than capable with indoor low light situations at least at the wider focal lengths

In terms of specs, one of the advantages of the S95 over the G12 is the f/2.0 vs f/2.8. Do you notice any difference in sharpness shooting at f/2.0 versus smaller apertures (like DSLR lenses)? If not, I could see that being a plus for the S95 vs the G12.

Somewhere between f2.8 and f4.0 is believed to be the sharpest. The difference between f2.0 and f2.8, though, is almost impossible to tell. f5.6 loses a little sharpness but not to bad, f8.0 starts to lose some sharpness. You can't go above f8.0.

For more details and comparison pics see this thread -

P.S. I know the g12 can focus closer for macro shots than the s95 can. I think it's like 1cm vs 3-4cm. Never been a problem for me, but fyi.

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