P7000 Still Doesn't Cut It

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Re: I Love the P7000

Sigh, you got me out of context. I'm just guessing at Nikon's purpose of that aperture bug. Simple fact is the lens' aperture is changing, zooming in, zooming out. As a side effect, I am always cognizant of what the aperture is prior to shooting.

The aperture bug begins with f4.4, not really BIG aperture as you would say.

FWIW, I would like for Nikon to fix this bug since obviously people are kicking and screaming mad about it as if this frequently impacts them.

EDIT: Sorry I meant f4.5.

shaocaholica wrote:

fototopia wrote:

In aperture priority mode, I think it is advantageous to be at the widest aperture as possible especially in a low light setting, so I can't say this is bothersome to me.

Aperture priority mode is for manually controlling the aperture. I'm pretty sure that the majority of photographers would NOT want the camera to change the aperture in A mode if the camera thought it was doing a favor. Bigger aperture is not always better, even in low light. The last thing I want in A mode (and M mode) is for the aperture to change on me when I'm not aware of it.

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