Olympus Evolt E620 vs. Canon Rebel 450D xsi

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I agree with going Canon (since I had both systems), but not for your 1/4 size rant

At the end of the day, it boils down to the OPs intended usage and output. The Rebel series isn't the greatest for quick AF, but then neither is the E-620. Sure the sensor size is bigger in the Canon, but you end up cropping off sides of the picture when priting in 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14 prints ... so this is where 4/3rds has the ratio advantage. With noise being managed from RAW files in LR2 (and now LR30, and with the current pixel density ... Olympus ORFs (raw files) clean up great ... and I have sold plenty of prints. Olympus lenses and bodies have a very good build quality to them, and the ergonimics of their camera are easier to get used to and use.

Where I will support Canon is that there are so many users that the used market for Canon gear allows you to save money and buy things that isn't as abundant as Olympus. There are many great and cheap fast lenses in the used market for Canon (35 F/2, 50mm F/1.8, etc.) but AF lenses that fast for Olympus aren't cheap or even available. Canon is a great place for someone to start out in DSLR, as many bodies can be had a good used prices. Plus shallow depth of field is easier to create with Canon / Nikon crop bodies over Olympus, which creats a more interesting portrait.

One good thing with Canon are 3rd party accessories. I couldn't not find certain mounts that would work with my Olympus FL-50R hot shoe, it was such a pain. But the same item (which is supposed to be a generic make) worked perfectly fine on the Canon 580EX II and the Nikon SB800 flashes.

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