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Re: Its a brain-sucking space bat

SirLataxe wrote:

That is a Greater Glowering Altair Space Bat. Should you be worried? Of course!

The bats are well-known for attracting the eye of bored photographers then travelling down the optical hyperspace link to your brain. Once inside, they suck out the juicy stuff, such as your thoughts about Gina Lollobrigida or the latest Nikon DSLR gizmo, into their 8th dimensional gut and eventually you are left in a somewhat intellectually-depleted condition so that you believe what's in newspapers or on Fox TV.

They are probably responsible, these bats, for that Tea Party as only someone with their brain bat-sucked could possibly take such an entity seriously!

But there is also a rumour that the Space Bats are being deliberately attracted to the American continent by The Dark Forces of Terrorism, living just over the horizon or possibly under the bed of The President.

SirLataxe, watching the skies (but not Sky, which is full of Altairian Space Bats).

Could this explain reality TV?

When I was a babe, I would talk as a babe, think as a babe. Now I am an old man and realize that as a babe, at least I had an excuse.

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