5d Mark II - What kind of lenses???

Started Jan 22, 2011 | Discussions thread
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A little research would have gone a long way.

BaiaZ wrote:


I just bought a New 5d camera... and somebody told me that I might not be able to use my lenses - and that is a truth!

So I need to do some shopping... so my question to you - what kind of lenses or what do I have to look out to to replace the 2 sigma lenses?

I dont want vignetting. hahah

You should have done a little homework before jumping into full frame. But no use beating a dead horse. The Sigma lenses you mention were both designed for 1.6x crop sensor cameras so you need to stay away from that type of lens. Canon's EF-S lenses are designed for that, too, and won't even mount on full frame and 1.3x crop bodies. EF mount lenses fit all bodies, both crop and full frame.

The Canon 16-35 f2.8L will give you the same coverage as your Sigma 10-20, falling a little short on the long(ish) end, the 24-105 f4L IS will cover your 18-50. These are both rather expensive lenses, but I don't know of any less expensive Canon lenses that give you the same coverage as the Sigmas you had. Tamron, Tokina and Sigma all make lenses in this range, though, that are much less expensive.

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