Nex & Cheap Portrait Lens

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Nex & Cheap Portrait Lens


I'll buy a Nex-5 with 16mm kit soon, but I want also buy a cheap (ca 100€ with adapter) lens for portrait, with a good bokeh, so, reading around i found several options:

1. Srl Magic 35/f1,7 (it seems to be a funny lens, I like the result, but i'm a photo-beginner so i don't know the plus and cons of this one)

2.Pentax Super TAkumar 55mm F/1.8 M42 Lens

3.58mm F1.4 MC Minolta Rokkor

4.JUPITER 3 50mm f1/1,5

5.CANON FD NEW 50mm 1:1,8

and for the last four, which adpter it's good for ?

It will be better a 35mm or ca 55 for potrait ?

or it's better waiting for the 50 sony for Nex (but how much it costs?)


I have a analogic Nikon F75 (it would be N75 in Usa) with a AF NIKKOR 28-100mm G (so without f ring), with the adapters that can be found on ebay I can set the aperture and also have the AF ?


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