LX5 stuck pixel(s)-- what to do?

Started Dec 26, 2010 | Discussions thread
stefaan Senior Member • Posts: 1,136
Re: LX5 stuck pixel(s)-- what to do?

I personally don't consider this 'normal' by any means, no matter wat the mfgt claims.

My Oly C-8080 had about 8 stuck pixels (sensor and LCD) and olympus pixel mapping didn't do the trick as i hoped it would.
Within 2 weeks I returned my 1000 USD camera (shop).
Didn't risk swapping it for another at the time.
Nowadays, my Leica D-Lux 4 has no stuck or dead pixels ... that I am aware off.
(and I occasionally do look).

Not 100% sure, but if there are, they are not really noticeable ... as it should be.

A (near) pixel perfect camera is a requirement, at least to me. Otherwise if PQ where of less importance to me, I might as well buy a 100 USD digicam and be happy it takes pics at all. PP is an option, but the idea of having to PP every picture ...

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