Pentax history of problems

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james laubscher Senior Member • Posts: 1,224
Pentax history of problems

The K5 looks like a great camera, but then I read that a) it front focuses in tungsten light, b) some have built in marks on the sensors and c) the wireless control on the flash system does not work properly under some conditions.

The K10D (I bought the Samsung clone) produced noticeable banding problems in low light at 400 iso and above.

The K-X has the double image problem at 1/60 - 1/100 sec problem.

Many K20D users complained about focus alignment problems.

What gives with Pentax? Are these the signs of a quality brand?

Does one get hassles with Nikon for instance or is Pentax just living on past glory?

One of these days I'll be upgrading and I have the feeling that I may desert Pentax in favour of a better built/tested product. Not that I want to - I've spent more on lenses than on cameras but if Pentax has unreliable quality, I'll take the knock and invest in a more reliable brand.

Or am I being harsh on Pentax?

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