OK, 'splain this to me, DPR! Please...

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If a decision is needed for one Gold and one Silver

If there is only one gold and one silver award, I will still give it to Canon G12. As a previous LX3 user and current G12, the canon gives a better grip and external flash combination. But what is superior about G12 is the raw and Canon's easy to use DPP which has been around for a while. These which Panasonic lacks which couple only Photo Impression.

The winning point from my own opinion is the higher zoom which makes it a more versatile choice between the two. However, as an experienced user, the difference in IQ is too minute (and disputable too) to talk about which majority of compact users won't even know the difference. Which the G12 has its bad points too (from sluggish menu response to poor back button design) but these are not the main concern.

In conclusion, the award are just for you to see only. Don't take too serious about it.

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