Canon give me back my aperture priority!

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Re: Canon give me back my aperture priority!

Thanks Vipre77, your comments are well thought and appreciated.

The reason I want cheap cameras is that I am so hard on them. I travel from office to office and carry the cameras in my computer bag, or in a camera case attached to my computer bag. I have been through 6 cameras in the last 9 years. Two or three broken and one stolen. One A720 IS is still in use, but the flash no longer works. After having a very nice A85 stolen, I started buying them used and got the A1100 refurbished. My wife's A60 just broke and an A75 I was carrying just recently broke, so I will probably give my wife the A1100 to her and it will be a great camera for her....I should have gotten it in Pink. The kids think she would like an elf for the small size, but this is almost as small, and I will not have to constantly recharge the battery for her, as she will forget.

I am definitely thinking about getting a G11 from the Canon Loyalty program, as it would be much more like using my 50D, but even more so I would like to get my hands on a G12, even though the extra size is drawback, and the concern of having a 500 dollar camera stolen.

I am also looking at an A650 IS used, but am amazed at the prices they are going for on Ebay. One guy has one on there with a "buy now" of $850. (go figure)

Do you think that the A650 IS is the best of the used A series, short of going on to a G series?

Although I do not need an optical finder through the microscope, I am much steadier shooting with the camera braced against my forehead. I know in this age of cell phone cameras, that most of the people using this genre of camera do not realize that they may be steadier against their forehead instead of waving the camera around at arm's length and relying on IS to keep the image sharp.
Thanks to everyone for the input.

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