P7000 examples (8 images large files)

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P7000 examples (8 images large files)

I post now and then and try to be (brutally) honest in my assessment of the P7000’s strengths and weaknesses.

IMO, the truth is sometimes hard to swallow but I’ll throw some of my P7000 captures out here and let people form their own opinions as to whether the images are of okay quality or not and whether the weak link is the photographer or the camera.
This is a 100% crop

of this shot (200mm)

and this was the actual scene as shot from the roadway (28mm)

I was happy with this capture.
another 200mm shot

the fur detail (full res version) is very good, the subject was close enough that the camera really showed its stuff.
Closer shots below show that the camera is no slouch with detail

using raw let me get decent detail of the big black fellow

I contend that the camera is not well suited for faster action shooting. This was taken as the riders in a Lance Armstrong challenge ride had to dismount in order to make a water crossing. Trying to retain IQ in lower light settings (overcast) with a low iso meant too long a shutter speed (motion blur). Not too bad but certainly not good.

I hope these images help some people make sense of all of the written words on this and other forums regarding the P7000.


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