5d Mark II and speedlite 580ex - will they work?

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Re: 5d Mark II and speedlite 580ex - will they work?


In general, I think that you have the right idea using the * button on the back of the camera to set the exposure.

I see two things going on in the picture. First the image looks to me to be out of focus. If you meant for the doggies face to be in focus, it does not appear to be so. Looks like the blue and white pillow in background is in better focus.

Second, It looks to me like in this particular scene there are large areas of light colored tones, and the logic of the camera meter is to set the exposure to a neutral tone (i.e. middle gray). The camera achieved this, but this is not what you wanted. The correct exposure however is about a stop lighter than this. Using the * button will usually overcome this and give the correct exposure, provided you cover the spot metering circle visible in the viewfinder over a spot in the scene that has a neutral tone. Usually a subjects face will work.

Also, keep in mind that depending on how you set up the Custom Function, the * button will also initiate auto focus.

In lightly toned scenes where there is to neutral tone, you as the operator of the camera must dial in exposure compensation to provide more light to yield the correct exposure. The camera flash combination will not always do this compensation for you.



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