D200 hits 150K shots...

Started Jan 23, 2011 | Discussions thread
Gale Bizet Forum Pro • Posts: 15,266
Re: D200 hits 150K shots...

That is wonderful
I have about 45k on mine..
Old girl might out live me...

I bought a second used one with 88k on it and had to retrn it. Shutter was going out on it and the rubber on the hand grip by the shutter was coming loose.
Good thing I dealt with a good Co. Adorama. Refund in bank in a week...
Great customer service and gave me a ups return tag..
I highly recommend them.
I am on the look out for another D200 in better cond:> )))

Mine doesn't even look like I used it..Thats my baby and take very good care of it.
Best Regards


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