Fuji X100 vs. Leica X1 vs. Gf1 w/20mm pancake

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Re: Fuji X100 vs. Leica X1 vs. Gf1 w/20mm pancake

Seeing as how you have had experience with the Sigma DP series, the X1, and the GF1 I'm curious as to how you rank the image quality of these three cameras because I find the concept of all three of them interesting. It's interesting that you note that you got more "wow" images from the Leica and the Sigma because going through pictures in Flickr show more "wow" pictures in the Leica X1 and Sigma DP series. In the direct comparison I saw between the GF1 with 20mm pancake and the Leica X1 the image quality difference between them appeared minimal. DPReview also said the same, noting that the GF1 made more sense given the price.

Still I long suspected that the Leica X1 and even the Sigma DP had some "mojo" because of the amount of high quality images I saw from the Leica X1 and Sigma DP flicker groups. I thought maybe the reason was because the Leica X1 and DP's were used by more capable photographers because of their niche place in the market.

If you could elaborate on this I would really appreciate it. I'm hoping the Fuji X100 might have some of this image quality mojo going for it too.

Fazal Majid wrote:

Photohobbyfun wrote:

Anyone else considering these three cameras?
Fuji X100 - $1200

I'm sort of interested.

Leica X1 - $2000

I have one. Love the IQ, but the AF is on the sluggish side.

GF1 w/20mm pancake - 650

Had one, sold it off to upgrade to the X1. Just bulky enough to not be pocketable, and I stopped carrying it with me all the time, which defeats the point. If I am going to take a camera in a bag, it might as well be my M9.

As we go from the GF1 to the X100 to the X1 we almost double in price. So what are your reasons for picking one over the other? Comparisons show that considering all things, the X1 produces only slightly better images than the GF1 w/20mm pancake. The higher ISO performance of the X1 is negated mostly by the fast 1.7 pancake. When shooting in raw the image quality difference are said to not become readily apparent till you print larger than 13x19.

The GF1 is a decent camera, but I got more "wow" exposures out of my old DP2, and out of my X1.

Is it on image quality alone? And if it is how much better than the GF1 (or the GF3 that is rumored to be announced soon) does the IQ from the X100 have to be?

For me it is primarily on pocketable size/weight with a high level of quality. I want an EDC camera that I carry in my jacket pocket, and the GF1 is not it. The Sigma DP2 is another candidate (but even more excruciatingly slow AF than the Leica). The Sony NEX would be another if you don't mind the wideangle pancake, but I boycott Sony because of their DRM shenanigans.
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