Recommendation for Good P&S Companion to Canon XXD Camera

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Recommendation for Good P&S Companion to Canon XXD Camera

I am posting this in the XXD forum because I am after the perspective of Canon XXD DSLR users like me, on recommendations for a good P&S companion camera. Sometimes I cannot or do not want to take my 60D plus lenses along for business trips or some outings with the family, so I would like to have something much smaller to take along that fills the following criteria. The obvious candidates are the S95, G12, P7000 and LX5.

Here is my criteria in rough order of importance:
1) Good IQ and low-light high ISO performance
2) Manual control, Tv, Av, M
3) More controls on the body of the camera, not in-menu
4) As a long time Canon XXD user, less learning curve, same look & feel as XXD

5) Good macro capability. My current lens line-up does not include a macro lens, and I realized I can get very decent macro capability in some of these P&S models, for the same price as an EF-S 60mm. I'm killing 2 birds with one stone getting travel and macro capability in one.

6) Smaller = better (in this case) but jacket-pocket or belt pouch capability is fine.

Looking for opinions from those who have used one of these P&S companions, or have looked into it as I have.

BTW, video capability is not a concern for me.

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